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NEW DELHI: Total number of Covid-19 positive cases in India rises to 39,980 including 28,046 active cases, 10,633 cured/discharged/migrated and 1301 deaths. 2644 new Covid-19 positive cases, 83 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the ministry of health and family welfare.
Here is a look at the latest updates on the outbreak of coronavirus from India and around the world —
Doctors, nurses go out of their way to connect patients to families
In these Covid-numbing times, the stressed medical fraternity, burdened with work and the fears and rigour involved in dealing with a highly contagious disease, has not lost touch with its more caring side.
The Covid outbreak is forging unexpected “connections” between the carers of patients and their worried families. What is otherwise a duty — hospitals have to update families about patients in the ICUs — is now being done with a personal touch, often through video calls.
“In some cases, we use a tablet computer to allow relatives to ‘see’ the patients, especially the elderly or those attached to oxygen cylinders or ventilators,” said Joy Chakraborthy, COO of Hinduja Hospital, Mahim.
Unfortunately, the staff at the overburdened public hospitals that are catering to the bulk of Covid-19 patients has had little time to add a more personal touch.
15,000 swamp city police stations in Mumbai for place on migrant trains
‘Shramik’ Special train leaves with 847 on Saturday, two trains to carry 2,400 on Sunday. Thousands rushed to fill applications to return to their home states and districts a day after the first migrant train departed from Maharashtra and police stations in cities were authorised to accept the forms. Ninety-four police stations in Mumbai alone received 15,000 applications on Saturday. The state disaster control room got 7,000 more from across the state via email and Nagpur district as many as 13,000 since Friday. Many, though, were unhappy with the cumbersome application process and the fact that they will have foot the bill to travel home despite barely earning any income since the lockdown.
Reverse migration: Workers’ exodus spells chaos, strains states
The sheer scale of the reverse migration that was on a leash until a few days ago started to unravel on Saturday as the first “Shramik Special” trains carrying a few thousand lucky migrant workers reached their destinations while millions of others — 40 lakh in Gujarat and Maharashtra alone — scrambled to register for evacuation, attempted to sneak out on their own or massed on borders.
Lockdown blues? More people stepping out
Call it quarantine fatigue or just sheer necessity but many more people across the country are stepping out of their homes than they did in the previous month. Visits to grocery and medical shops, which were down by 64% on an average during March, were down only by 47% during April indicating that consumers were making regular visits to stock up.
At 3.3%, India’s fatality rate almost as low as South Korea’s
India’s fatality rate of 3.3% of total confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths of 0.09 people per one lakh population compares well with some other countries, including South Korea, which is seen as a top performer in containing the disease, and China that resorted to measures like mass quarantine to limit the pandemic.
Biggest spurt in Delhi (384), India (2,564) cases; record 99 deaths
The Covid-19 pandemic turned grimmer in Delhi with 384 new cases reported on Saturday, the capital’s highest rise in a single day, even as fresh cases across the country crossed 2,500 for the first time. India also saw 99 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours, again the highest number reported so far. With the addition of 2,564 cases on Saturday — breaking Friday’s record of 2,333 cases — India’s Covid-19 count stood just 211 short of 40,000. The death toll has risen to 1,320, including a 20-day-old infant who died in Jaipur. On the brighter side, over 10,000 patients have now been declared cured.
India clocks 75,000 Covid-19 tests per day, crosses 1-million mark
On Saturday, India crossed 1 million Covid-19 tests (RT-PCR), a milestone, clocking over 75,000 tests per day with 419 laboratories at work through the country.
Top government sources said they would retain their focus on ramping up testing, quarantine and treatment of Covid patients. There would be aggressive contact tracing and quarantining of those who may be suspected of infections.
Coronavirus sweeping through massive US prison population
One prison in Marion, Ohio has become the most intensely infected institution across the country, with more than 80 per cent of its nearly 2,500 inmates, and 175 staff on top of that, testing positive for Covid-19.

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