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MUMBAI: Bengal and India batsman Manoj Tiwary has expressed a desire to take up 10 metre air rifle shooting once his cricket career comes to a halt. Tiwary, 34, has played for Bengal from 2004-05 and has also represented India in 12 ODIs, apart from three Twenty20 Internationals. At the moment, Tiwary is keen to play for at least 10 more years. But once he ends his career, Tiwary is keen to try out something new and different.

“You might end up seeing me taking up 10 metre rifle shooting and having a go in the Olympics as well. Something which I want to do. But now you know the other responsibilities of an individual are always there. It’s not easy, but let us see how I can take time out of a busy schedule and give some time to 10 metre rifle shooting as well,” Tiwary said on the Cow Corner Chronicles.

The reason for this switch post his cricket career is also very practical. “I want to try (myself) out in some other sports as well, where I don’t have to give my hundred per cent as far as my physical fitness is concerned. I want to pick up some other sports where the physical requirement as far as running is not required. So let’s see what happens,” added Tiwary, who could join a select band of cricketers (male or female) who have represented their country in more than one sport.

The past season saw Tiwary make national headlines with a triple hundred (303 not out) against Hyderabad for Bengal in Ranji Trophy. He has also been calling the game in Bengali for a sports broadcaster. “Commentary is an easier job. It happens in an AC room, you just have to comment on what’s happening on the field and give your expert views,” said Tiwary.

But there is something else which is also catching Tiwary’s interest. “Coaching is something I want to do. I want to produce players and give all my experience to the needy ones and to the players who struggle in their daily lives. I come across so many youngsters, so many cricketers in coaching centres. They come from outside the State and from within the state as well. They are very poor people. I want to coach them for free for sure.

“I want to create something so that they don’t have to think financially about learning cricket. So, I want to make a base where they can come, anyone can come, especially from the poor background, where financial problems are there with them. I just want them to explore and help them achieve their dreams,” added Tiwary.

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