I am what I am only because of India: Sunil Gavaskar offers more help to fight Covid-19 pandemic

Indian batting great Sunil Gavaskar on Monday said that his donation of Rs. 59 lakh towards the fight against coronavirus is ‘nothing’ compared to what a few others are doing while offering more help to the government in the ongoing struggle to contain the pandemic.

Talking to India Today Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, Gavaskar also revealed his unabashed love for the country by declaring that a lot of credit for his success goes to India and it’s people.

“Yes I got 35 hundreds for India in Tests and ODIs so I gave that (35 lakhs) to the PM-CARES fund and I got 24 for Mumbai so I gave the same amount to the Maharashtra CM-Relief fund. But that’s nothing and people are doing much more and if the govt. wants me to anything more I would be very happy to do that. I am what I am only because of India,” said Gavaskar.

As the coronavirus pandemic has hit sports across the globe, the absence of any live sporting action has also kept the fans hungry in wait with only nostalgic clips of past matches at their disposal. Gavaskar though urged the fans to revisit the origins of their favourite sports and try to think of innovative ways to make that particular game even more interesting.

“I would say to not only look at all the old games but also try and look at the origins of all the sports and look at how every sport you follow and try and make it a better sport. Maybe the playing conditions, the rules that can actually make it even more interesting and enlightening. If you can do that then that will be a big help because look we can do with new ideas all the time as long as the basis of every sport remains the same any new idea will mean newer audiences, newer people to watch and that’s only good for the health of the sport,” concluded Gavaskar.

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