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NEW DELHI: Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh on Saturday urged the people to stay at home and save the country from the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is the time to save your country by staying at your home,” Singh told ANI.

“I understand the condition, whatever is happening outside that you can not control. The only thing you can control is by doing things that you are asked to do. If it is really necessary for you to go out, take all the precautions and then go out. This is not the right time to roam around,” he added.

The country is facing a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID-19. Many people from different parts of the country are not taking the government orders seriously and are coming out to roam around.

“I do not understand the mentality of most of the people, as they now have time to stay at home but they want to go out. I don’t understand what they want,” Singh said.

“The government is repeatedly saying what to do and what not to do. People are also educated despite that if we continue doing things which are not good for humanity then it is a problem,” he added.

In these tough times, the cricketer is adhering to the government guidelines and staying at home with family, spending his time praying for the people.

“We are staying at home, praying and hoping that the situation will get settled. When everything is fine, we will start our life again. The priority is to pray for the people and world,” the spinner said.

Due to the coronavirus, all the sporting events in the country are either postponed or stand cancelled. The Indian Premier League‘s (IPL) 13th edition is also suspended till April 15.

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