Team bonding, parents’ support: India Today League PUBG Mobile Invitational gamers open up

In the lead up to the India Today League PUBG Mobile Invitational, starting April 23, the eAthletes shed light on their preparation, their in-game friendships that have now blossomed into real-life friendships and what it takes to win tournaments among other things.

‘Preparation is a continuous process’

Owais, the In-Game Leader (IGL) of team FNATIC, said preparation doesn’t stop for eAthletes even when they are not taking part in tournaments.

“Preparation is a continuous process. We keep playing and practising. But before every tournament, we discuss and decide what needs to be done. There is no special preparation but we are doing it for a long time. We can’t get it done at the last moment,” Owais said.

‘Keeping the mind calm important for eAthletes’

How different are the preparation routine of an eAthlete and an athlete who plays outdoor sport? Do eAthletes need to focus on workouts and daily routines? Here’s what India Today League: PUBG Mobile gamers have to say about training and routine for eAthletes.

“We also need to follow routines. But it’s difficult for us to follow a schedule because of the erratic times at which tournaments start. We need practice sessions as well. eAthletes generally don’t have time to focus on fitness,” TSMentGHATAK, IGL of team TSM ENTITY said.

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